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Enlighten Reimbursement for Catechists / Youth Ministry Team Members

As a catechist or youth ministry team member in the Archdiocese of New York, you are eligible for reimbursement for the cost of enrolling in the Enlighten courses at Fordham. The Office of Youth Faith Formation will reimburse the tuition for the course(s) you successfully complete.   If you are interested in taking advantage of the reimbursement, please read on.

To apply and receive the reimbursement for the Enlighten courses, please follow these steps.

1.   First, enroll in an Enlighten course through the Adult Faith Formation Office and Fordham University. Follow these directions.

2.   Confirm your intent to apply for reimbursement by logging into; if needed, create an account.  Details for creating an account, if you do not have one, and/or logging in are found here.

3.   Once you log in, go to the catalog, find the course(s) you are applying for the reimbursement. Then, enroll in each course by clicking the “Enroll” button on the course that matches your enrollment at Fordham. Each Enlighten course begins with the word, Enlighten, for ease in locating them. Note: this does not enroll you at Fordham, but only enrolls your intent to receive a reimbursement.

4.   Ask your parish for a letter certifying that you are a catechist or youth ministry team member.  This letter needs the signature of your pastor, director/coordinator of religious education, or youth ministry coordinator.  Note: if you are outside the archdiocese or not a catechist or youth ministry team member, you are ineligible for reimbursement.

5.   Return to and upload the certification letter to the course. Start or launch the course. After reading the directions, upload the letter by clicking “Your Response/Notes.”  The deadline for uploading your letter is the last day of the course.

6.   Retain your certification letter if you wish to apply for another reimbursement and upload it to any other Enlighten courses you take.

7.   When the course concludes, Fordham University will inform the Office of Adult Faith Formation whether you have successfully completed the course.  Once Fordham certifies your completion, you will receive notice from the Adult Faith Formation Office that you are not required to pay the tuition.

You will need to follow through on uploading your certification letter by the last day of the course and successfully complete the course(s) to qualify for the reimbursement. The deadline cannot be extended past this date.

Questions? Please contact:

Mr. James Connell
Digital Learning and Technology Specialist
Tel: 646-794-2808