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Working With Us

Are you called to join us?

The Archdiocese of New York’s Family Life Office is looking for vibrant married Catholic couples to be part of a new and evolving multimedia Pre-Cana Day (Marriage Prep Program).

Our new and revitalized program incorporates exciting digital components, but we need you as a married couple to help us lead this program with your faith, witness and real-life experience.

The Pre-Cana Day is a day of faith, witness and community that is built around short, high-quality video modules and engaging facilitators who can provide practical advice for the engaged couples on topics including self-awareness, communication, commitment, and addressing common challenges. The day is also designed to help couples understand and embrace a Catholic vision of married love, sexuality, and spirituality.

We are currently recruiting for two roles:

Facilitator Couples

What does the Facilitator Couple need to do?

The Facilitator Couple (FC) has the responsibility for orchestrating the Pre-Cana Day program components. (e.g., verbal presentations, introduction of digital/video segments, overseeing couple exercises, etc.).

  • Provide engaging hospitality throughout the day.
  • Operate the onsite technology (PC, projector, video, audio).
  • Open and close the program with the designated prayers.
  • Lead the couples through the day, maintaining the time schedule and format.
  • Be the focal point for questions and/or problems that will arise, adapting to special circumstances that could occur throughout the day.

What would you be signing up for?

The facilitator couple’s role will require at least four (4) Saturdays a year, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, along with initial training, and then individual preparation before each Pre-Cana Day assigned (e.g., technology check, review of all materials, etc.). You will also be asked to commit to ongoing formation through the office or on your own and to be faithful to the goals of the program.

What special gifts and skills do you need? Here are the requirements:

  • A married Catholic couple who is passionate for Christ and His Church, and has a desire for helping couples prepare for a Catholic marriage.
  • A married Catholic couple who is fun and faith-filled, but who is also teachable and open to guidance and correction.
  • Good verbal communication skills and ability to present as a couple.
  • At least one spouse should have solid technology skills, (Internet, Powerpoint, Windows, PC, PC accessories & projectors).
  • Be disciplined, and able to stay on point (covering all program topics [e.g., bullet points in PowerPoint program], not adding or eliminating any points.
  • Understands the importance of, and is comfortable with, following the designated Pre-Cana script.
  • Confidence with leading a group of 100+ people (50+ couples) through a day-long experience that is a memorable, spiritual, and evangelizing event.
  • Understands the relationship of Catholic Teaching to the sacramental nature of an enduring Catholic marriage.
  • Flexibility and acceptance of continuous change and learning.
  • Be able to provide their own transportation and be open to facilitate at different locations within the Archdiocese.
  • Be able to work with diverse Pre-Cana Day clergy who assist in Confession and Prayers during the day.
  • Commits to working cooperatively with the Archdiocesan Family Life Office to deliver an excellent Pre-Cana program.

How will you be compensated?

Facilitator Couples will be paid a stipend for their leadership role in facilitating the Pre-Cana Day. The level of compensation will be based on the skills and experience of the couple.


Host Couples

What does the Host Couple need to do?

The host couple is the first point of contact for couples attending the Pre-Cana Day. Ideally this is a couple who is a good witness to marriage, and who ensures a positive first impression during the welcome and sign-in process as well as throughout the day. This couple supports and works in tandem with the facilitator couple.

The host couple’s role is to:

  • Joyously welcome the couples to the Pre-Cana Day with engaging hospitality.
  • Oversee the sign in process and give the couples all required materials.
  • Welcome the priest and familiarize him with the logistics of the day.
  • Instruct the couples about the start time, food/drink available, location of the bathrooms and any other “housekeeping” and/or initial questions/information that the couples may have
  • Assist with/handle the food for the day (breakfast and lunch).
  • As much as possible, the host couple should be available to mingle with the couples during breaks or lunch.

What would you be signing up for?

The host couple’s role will require at least four (4) Saturdays a year, 8:00 am to 2:30 pm. There is also a growth opportunity to become a Facilitator Couple.

What special gifts and skills do you need? Here are the requirements:

  • A Catholic couple [at least one spouse is Catholic] who is passionate for the mission of preparing couples for a Catholic marriage.
  • Must be dependable and on-time.
  • Agrees to follow the directives of the Pre-Cana leadership (the Family Life staff and the onsite Pre-Cana Day facilitators).
  • At least one spouse should have:
    • Strong verbal communications skills
    • Excellent rapport with people
    • Strong initiative and desire to work in a highly collaborative environment

How will you be compensated?

The couple will be paid a stipend (depending on size of class, complexities, and location/facility) for their service and hospitality role in the Pre-Cana Day.