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Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment

Marriage between a man and a woman establishes a partnership for life, and is by its nature ordered towards the good of the spouses and the procreation of life and education of offspring through Christ. God Himself is the author of marriage. Every marriage witnesses to God’s faithful, fruitful, and lasting love for His people.

Retreats for Married Couples

National Marriage Week – Virtual Retreat

February 7-14, 2020 is National Marriage Week! This annual observance is a great prompt for everyone to reflect on the gift that marriage is to our Church and our country, as well as an opportunity for couples to build up their own marriages.

What is the outcome of a good marriage? Studies say more financial stability, better health, greater happiness, and healthier kids ( Our Catholic faith promises even more.  Join us in celebrating marriage by taking a 7-day virtual retreat with your spouse.  The topic this year is, “Stories from the Domestic Church,” which highlights how each family is a domestic church.  You can sign up for daily emails, or print the 7-day PDF

For more information on marriage, visit

Pathway to a Blessed Marriage

A weekend retreat for married couples based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. This retreat offers you an opportunity to reflect together on God’s plan for your lives, renew your marital love and deepen your spiritual intimacy.

This retreat is offered by the Regnum Christi movement and includes reflections on marriage with opportunities for reconciliation, spiritual dialogue, couples time and adoration. The program is designed to give couples concrete tools to help deepen their understanding of themselves and their relationship, and the opportunity to have conversations that help a marriage flourish.

For more information on retreat weekends, please check the Regnum Christi website:


Our office supports the efforts of Retrouvaille (“rediscovery”). Retrouvaille is a weekend program with follow-ups for couples whose marriage is in serious difficulty. If there is little or no meaningful communication, or if you are considering separation or divorce, we believe Retrouvaille can help.

The program offers the chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse and a loving relationship. It has a proven track record in saving marriages. It is a Catholic-based program open to people of all faiths.

Retrouvaille weekends take place throughout the tri-state area. Please check the Retrouvaille website for specific dates and locations:

Worldwide Marriage Encounter

Marriage Encounter is a positive, private experience for married couples who want to revitalize their marriage. The weekend is designed to enrich and deepen the joys a couple share together and is beneficial to couples of all ages and years married.

For more information, visit or call 877-NYS-WWME ext. 3 (877-697-9963).


National Marriage Week and World Marriage Day

National Marriage Week is February 7-14, 2020!  This annual observance honors and affirms the vocation of marriage and the positive impact of their dedicated example on our society, families, communities, Church, and nation.

As part of the celebration of World Marriage Day (Feb 9, 2020), the longest married couples in the Archdiocese of New York are honored for their witness of love and fidelity in marriage. These couples who have been sacramentally married in the Church for 65 years or more exemplify the goodness of one of our most joyous Sacraments, Holy Matrimony. This year, 30 couples were nominated!  All couples registered in the search are awarded a commemorative certificate signed by the His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan.

Congratulations to Josie & Stanley Maciocha, the longest-married couple in the archdiocese at 77 years!

This is not the same as our annual celebration for couples who have reached their Golden Anniversary – 50 years of marriage (see below).

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary 

50th Wedding Anniversary

Couples in the Archdiocese of New York celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in the present calendar year are invited to the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Mass. For information about the 2020 Mass, contact the Special Events Office at 646-794-2000 or This is a special opportunity to recognize the powerful witness of the importance and permanence of marriage.

The 2020 Golden Jubilee Wedding Mass will be held on Sunday, June 7, 2020 at 2:30pm at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

This event provides a meaningful spiritual experience for the Jubilarians and their families. During the liturgy, the Jubilarian Couples have the opportunity as a group to renew their wedding vows and receive a blessing at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

We congratulate our Jubilee couples on their beautiful testament to life-long love and fidelity!

‘Local couples’ events

The Family Life Office sponsors events throughout the year that are centered around marriage and community. Please check back for upcoming programs that put the Sacrament of Marriage front and center.

Papal Blessing

Couples may desire a Papal blessing to commemorate a special anniversary. Receiving this may take months following a request. For more information and to complete the application process, click here

Additional Resources and Services
  • Catholic Marriage Coaching: Looking to strengthen your marriage and learn to love one another with greater intimacy, joy and faith?  Catholic Marriage Coaching may be the right answer for you. For more information, or to ask about a free phone trial session, visit or contact Claudia Cortez directly at or 845-642-4876.
  • USCCB Marriage and Family Life Website: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers many helpful resources for married couples, including the “For Your Marriage” website.  Here you can find practical help and advice – whether you’re seriously dating, engaged, or at any stage of married life. The homepage has Daily Marriage Tips, book reviews, and blogs by engaged and married couples.
  • Catholic Couple Checkup: This is an online tool designed to identify the unique relationship strengths and growth areas of dating, engaged, or married couples.  It is meant to be an enjoyable and easy way to take a closer look at a couple’s relationship, increase their relationship strengths, and above all, spark meaningful conversation. It is designed for any couple desiring to enrich their relationship. Find out more about the Catholic Couple Checkup
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