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RCIA Easter Celebration Day

Winter / Spring 2022

Dear Pastor and Parish Coordinator of the Catechumenate (RCIA)

As you know,

RCIA # 249 states, “To close the period of postbaptismal catechesis (Mystagogy), some sort of celebration should be held at the end of the Easter season near Pentecost Sunday.; festivities in keeping with local custom may accompany the occasion.

RCIA # 244 also states, “…To strengthen the neophytes as they begin to walk in newness of life, the community of the faithful, their godparents, and their parish priests should give them thoughtful and friendly help.”

And so, in order to show our pastoral support and concern for you, His Eminence Timothy Michael Dolan, along with the Office of Adult Faith Formation of the Archdiocese of New York, invites you to join us on the Second Sunday of Easter, April 24, 2022 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Manhattan for the Archdiocesan Neophyte Mass with Cardinal Dolan.

This day, which we are calling the RCIA Easter Celebration Day, will continue with your participation at the New York Catholic Center, 1011 First Avenue for a special brunch, followed by Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction with a special post-baptismal catechesis presentation.

This will be a day to thank our good God, to celebrate with our brothers and sisters what the Lord has done for us and to continue in our faith / spiritual formation.

The day’s schedule is as follows:

10:15 am         Neophyte Mass with Cardinal Dolan at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Manhattan

11:45 am          Brunch Celebration at the New York Catholic Center, 1011 First Ave & East 56th St.

1:00 pm           Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction with a Post-Baptismal Catechesis Bilingual Presentation.

Celebrant and Presenter: Fr. Agustin Torres, CFR

2:00 pm           Exhibits of Catholic Ministries & Apostolates Close, Departure

Please let your pastor or your parish Coordinator of the Catechumenate (RCIA) know of your interest and intent to participate in our April 24, 2022 Archdiocesan RCIA Easter Celebration Day. This way, you and your godparent/sponsor may be included in the parish group registration.

Online Registration opens on January 3rd.

If you have any question about his special celebration day, please feel free to contact us at the Office of Adult Faith Formation at 646-794-2851 or by email at


Oscar Cruz
Director of the Catechumenate (RCIA)