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New York Catholic Bible School

New York Catholic Bible School

(Now offered online)

The New York Catholic Bible School Program offers the Scriptural foundations of our faith and provides ongoing formation for interested adults in the Archdiocese of New York. The Bible School helps us to deepen our knowledge of and appreciation for Sacred Scripture, enabling us to share the Word of God with those we serve.

No particular educational background is required but the Bible School is designed for the serious student.  The New York Catholic Bible School exists because:

  • There is joy and hope in the Bible
  • Being grounded in belief brings us to a deeper relationship with God
  • Intense study brings us to life-changing personal growth in spirituality and service to others
  • The whole Church is enriched by lay people equipped to lead others in exploring the Bible

The course of study leads to a Certificate in Basic Scripture Study after two years and a Certificate in Advanced Scripture Study for those who complete the full, four-year course.

If you are a catechist, who has been certified at Level One and Two in the Archdiocese of New York, the New York Catholic Bible also provides Level Three and Level Four Catechist Formation. Catechists who complete two years of study earn Level Three Catechist Certification. Catechists who complete the four-year program receive Level Four Catechist Certification.

Course of Study

The New York Catholic Bible School offers two phases of intensive study covering the entire Bible.

Basic Bible Studies

Beginning students gain skills for studying and praying with the Bible, and focus on comprehensive study of major books of both Testaments.

  • Year One: Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Genesis, Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings.
  • Year Two: Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Pauline Letters, Revelation.

Advanced Bible Studies

Those who wish may continue, and cover all other books of the Bible in Years Three and Four.

The New York Catholic Bible School combines academic knowledge with faith sharing to transform minds and hearts. This integrated learning experience involves both the head and the heart.

A variety of methods of instruction appropriate to adult learning are used:

  • Students are assigned weekly reading and reflection, including Scripture passages and biblical commentaries. You can expect to spend approximately three to four hours on each weekly assignment.
  • Communal prayer begins each session.
  • Small groups discuss that week’s reflection questions.
  • An enrichment lecture is provided by a professional instructor.
  • Trimester quizzes evaluate and consolidate learning.

All instructors have Masters’ degrees in Scripture or a related field.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee:  $35

Tuition:  $150 per trimester. (The payment of each trimester’s tuition is due before the start of classes).

Re-Registration Fee:  $35 per year in years 2, 3 and 4, covering the three trimesters of that year.

Tuition is not refundable after classes start.  Fees are not refundable except in special circumstances.

Necessary books must be purchased or otherwise obtained by the students.

A graduation fee is due at the close of Year Two [Basic Certification] and Year Four [Advanced Certification].

Ready to Apply? (General)

To apply, please fill out this online form. Before a new class start you will receive a $35 application fee invoice.  Classes typically meet on weekday evenings. If you are a Level 1 certified catechist, please fill out the Level 1 Certified Catechist form below.

    Your parish town

    I’m submitting my application and I’m aware that the Application Fee is separate from tuition and covers all three trimesters of the year. This fee is non-refundable, unless the class site you select does not attract enough students to begin a class. The tuition fee is $150/trimester. Tuition is due as of the date of your first class session. Under exceptional circumstances arrangements for a different schedule of payments may be made. Tuition is not refundable after sessions begin. Annual re-registration fee is $35.

    Ready to Apply? (Level 1 Certified Catechist)

    To apply, please fill out this online form. Classes typically meet on weekday evenings. If you are NOT a Level 1 certified catechist, please fill out the General Application Form above.

      Your parish town

      I am a catechist in the religious programI am a catechist in the parish RCIAI have completed Level One and Two Catechist Certification

      I am director/coordinator of the religious education programI am the director/coordinator of the RCIAI have completed the Catechetical Leadership Program