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Shed light on your faith through online courses!

Although we participate week after week, sometimes we don’t realize the meaning and origins of what we say and do at Mass and how we are called to live as Catholics. Now, you can deepen your understanding through a joint program of the Archdiocese of New York and Fordham University’s Graduate School of Religion and Religious Studies.

Enlighten: Faith Education for Today’s Catholic will expand your knowledge of our faith through online courses.

For a limited time, the courses are being offered for free. Please submit the form below to begin the registration process. After you submit this form, you will be directed to the final phase of registration with Fordham University.  

Course Descriptions

An Introduction to Catholicism

This course will introduce students to the multifaceted nature of Catholicism in a historical framework. Students will be introduced to key concepts such as the meaning of faith, the nature of revelation, the analogy of faith, the concept of social salvation, and an awareness of the Church as a “mystery.” In short, the course will help students to see the connection between their lives as Catholics and a God who uses history as a form of communication, who becomes incarnate, and who forms a sacramental community of faith.

Understanding the Creed

Students will be briefly introduced to the historical context behind the creeds before turning to consider the articles of the creed. The lectures will follow the Catechism’s treatment of the 12 articles of the Nicene creed, with some particular care in addressing the issue of the final judgment.

Understanding Holy Scripture

This course will introduce students to basic concepts that are necessary for reading the Holy Scripture. The students will learn how the books of scripture were comprised, the various types of scripture, and how the early Church chose books for inclusion in the Bible. The relationship between Holy Scripture and the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church and in the life of the individual believer will be treated in the latter part of the course.

Unveiling the Sacraments

This course will explain the meaning of a sacramental worldview and its significance for human happiness. Students will receive a brief history as to the development of the seven sacraments and particular instruction on the history and spiritual significance of each sacrament. Particular attention will be paid to Baptism and Eucharist.

Catholic Moral Teachings

This course will examine how to reach fulfillment or happiness in life, which the Catechism sometimes refers to as beatitude. The course will cover how the Church understands conscience, sin, virtue, and the common good. Students will learn key distinctions such as the difference between an act being immoral and being sinful.

Catholic Social Teachings

Students will be introduced to a Catholic understanding of what it means to be and act as human as outlined in Catholic teachings on social justice.  The course will cover how the Church understands the dignity of the human person and common good as well as how they interplay with the New Evangelization, answering the question: What does living Catholic social teaching mean for today?

Course Schedule

Enlighten course registration opens no later than 10 weeks before each session starts on Registration for each session closes 7 days before the session begins.

Winter 2021 Session- February 8th– March 16th

April 2021 Sessions – April 12th– May 18th

May 2021 Session – May 24th– June 30th

May 2021 Session – May 24th– June 30th

September 2021 Session – September 20th– October 26th

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Questions? Contact the Archdiocese of New York’s Office of Adult Faith Formation for more information: or 646-794-2581.

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