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ChristLife, Discovering What’s the Meaning of Life

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Discovering, Following, and Sharing Christ

The ChristLife series is a three-step evangelization process, which allows participants to discover, follow, and share Jesus Christ. ChristLife partners with parishes, priests, clergy, religious and lay leaders who are seeking to answer the Church’s call for the New Evangelization through parish evangelization and outreach.

“Over 50 parishes have been introduced to ChristLife here in the Archdiocese of New York. I’m very encouraged by what I’m hearing. Both life-long Catholics and those on the margins of the Church’s life are falling in love with Jesus Christ. That’s what the new evangelization is all about! I’m happy to endorse this essential work in our parishes.”                                                                        

Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan

Catholic New York: Dutchess Evangelization Program Opens Door to Discovering Christ

50 tables, each with eight to 10 participants, were arranged in the gymnasium. Participants sat with the same people during the seven-week program for songs, panel discussions, personal testimonies and dinner and dessert. 

Some parishes in the archdiocese have already started the series.  The most recent parish was St. Augustine-Our Lady of Victory in the Bronx.  Here is what some parishioners shared with us:

“Going to Discovering Christ has changed my ways…I want to walk with Jesus.  Sunday Mass is something I want to go to now, not because I am obligated.”

– Carol

“My relationship with Jesus changed for the better.  I felt a deeper longing for him throughout the course.  I went back to confession for the first time in 45 years.”  – Rosalind

– Rosalind

“Before Discovering Christ I didn’t believe in Jesus.   But I’m loyal to only One now, Jesus Christ! He is my everything” – Osvaldo

– Osvaldo

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During this time of pandemic, many people are searching for the meaning of life. The mission to share the Good News with those around us hasn’t changed, but the way we do it has! God has created YOU “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). Join ChristLife team members from around the U.S. and discover how you can effectively evangelize and form disciples in an online format using the ChristLife relational process: Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ.