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Forum on the Catechumenate

Using technology in initiation ministry has quickly become
the norm. How can we best use computers, smart phones,
and social media during this pandemic? This virtual gathering
will help participants view their ministry through a digital lens
and provide practical ways to engage catechumens, candidates,
and the entire parish community.
Additionally, we will examine the Period of the Precatechumenate
during these difficult times. RCIA #36 states that this is a time
“of great importance” and it “should not be omitted.” How can
we “go out” and make disciples when getting out may not be
possible? How can we ensure that “evangelize” remains an
action verb during these uncertain times?
Let us come together and interpret the rite in light of our
current situation.

Suggested text: The Rite of
Christian Initiation of Adults

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Presentations include:
• Using Technology in
Initiation Ministry
• The Precatechumenate
During These Uncertain Times
• Inviting Inquirers During
Times of Social Distancing

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