World Communications Day (WCD) is celebrated yearly on the Sunday before Pentecost.  WCD originated during the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on the Media of Social Communications (in Latin, Inter Mirifica, meaning “among the marvelous”).  

Over the years, popes have used WCD to teach the Church how to be involved in communication to share the Good News of our Catholic faith.  Not only on the internet and social media, but in newspapers, periodicals, TV, and even radio.

Pope Francis’ theme this year is challenging: Listening with the ear of the heart. In explaining this Benedictine inspired theme, he wrote:

“We are losing the ability to listen to those in front of us,
both in the normal course of every day relationships
and when debating the most important issues of civil life.”

The Pope’s words made me consider the varied types of communication I am involved in daily—the phone calls, letters, emails, newsletters, social media posts, and website updates.  I asked myself: How attentive am I when responding to those contacting me?  Do I see my responses as something to check off a list?  Or do I see them as invitations to truly meet someone where they are?  An opportunity to encourage and support?  And, in the process, be Christ and receive Christ?

During a hectic day, it is easy to forget that we are encountering people, first and foremost, not emails, phone calls, or, God forbid, problems!  People!  Aren’t people at the heart our ministry?

How are you listening?

(Read the Message for World Communication Day 2022 in full here).

Jim Connell
Digital Learning and Technology Specialist

Image by Alexandr Podvalny from Pixabay.