Of course, you all know about the Holy Father’s request that we join him and people all around the world today at 4:00 pm (EDT) in praying the rosary for the victims of the corona virus.  In checking around the web, however, I made another discovery. The Holy Father’s Morning Mass is available on line, with an English translation, at  https://www.vaticannews.va/en.html. This is the Vatican News Service’s site. Of course, not everyone can wake up at 2:00 in the morning (EDT) to watch this, so the video is available later.

Today is St. Joseph’s Feast Day. Now there was a man who had trust in God. Think of all the questions he must have had – about Mary, about this tiny baby entrusted to him and what he learned about the child in a dream, about fleeing into exile in a foreign land, and maybe other things that the Bible doesn’t record. How confused, how scared he must have been. And yet he placed his faith in God and went on.

Joseph is a good saint for our world, reminding us to trust God, especially in these terrible days of illness, death and uncertainty. A blessed St. Joseph’s Day to all, especially those who carry his name.

PS. In my previous blog, I provided several websites for the season of Lent. They will be especially helpful now.