The fire at Notre Dame de Paris is a lesson for all believers and for those who don’t believe. There is always a new beginning.  Right now it’s so difficult for the people of Paris and all those who love Notre Dame to believe that this cathedral will ever again be as beautiful. Maybe it will be even more beautiful, albeit not exactly the same as it was.

It reminds me of the hopelessness of Jesus’ followers on that fateful Friday. Some thought he was going to be the great conqueror. He wound up being arrested and executed as a common criminal. So, seeing all their big dreams turn to ashes and fearing for themselves, they left him. The women who remained, the women to whom Jesus had shown such respect (not the custom of the time), were devastated. One can’t begin to imagine his mother’s grief.

And yet, the unbelievable, the impossible, happened. Resurrection. Life from no life. A new beginning.  And that’s the lesson for the Parisians and the rest of us.
Have faith. Happy Easter.