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From the Office of the Vicar of Clergy

Dear Father,

In response to a concern raised both by the Priests’ Council and in many conversations with our brother priests, Cardinal Dolan has directed that a survey be taken. so as to ascertain your thoughts on the twelve-year policy for pastors. Enclosed is a survey form which may be returned by mail or can be scanned and emailed to me at [email protected]. Please return it by Friday, 21st February so the results can be prepared for the next Presbyteral Council meeting (19th March).
The question boils down to whether or not you support maintaining the current requirement that a pastor move after serving two six year terms (provided he has not reached age 70). Please indicate if you support maintaining the current policy or if you support a second option which is that the twelve-year term would be the norm, but exceptions may be made for another six-year term in cases of need as determined by the archbishop.

Thank you for all that you are doing and for your perseverance in these difficult days.


Bishop Edmund J. Whalen

Vicar for Clergy