There are decisions and there are decisions. Snap decisions. Emotional decisions. Intellectual decisions. Heart-felt decisions.  Employment decisions. Decisions on marriage and family, what to name the baby, what to do about an infirm parent or sibling, how to cope with an old and ailing family pet, which retirement option to choose, how to face death. The list goes on. Just thinking about decisions could trigger a migraine. And yet, we are making decisions every single day.  How can we know if we are making the right ones? So much can ride on the decisions we make
St. Ignatius of Loyola had an idea, which our friends, the Jesuits in Britain, are sharing on their website: Ignatian discernment. It's a good practice to develop. If you are a catechist and forming young persons in the Faith, it's something to which you could introduce them before they enter their adolescence with all its confusing signals and pressures
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