January 3, 2020


Cherishing Jesus in the New Year

One of my favorite traditions of this Christmas season is to sit in front of the fire, with a bit of Ireland’s aged finest, and go through the cards you folks were gracious in sending me over the holidays.

Almost all of them express the same wishes: these greetings tell me the sender cherishes my friendship, recalls me gratefully, and hopes to stay in better touch the coming year!

Come to think of it, those are the same sentiments I shared in my card to them!

The arrival of the New Year inspires me to say the same things to Jesus, whose nativity we celebrate, and to suggest you consider doing the same!

Jesus, I cherish your friendship! Pope Benedict taught that holiness is friendship with you! Isn’t that what you told your disciples, “I call you not servants but friends!”  Sure, you, dear Jesus, are my Lord and my God, my Savior…but you are my best friend as well. You know me better than anyone else, even my mom! This friendship is so profound you dwell within me! You want me next to you for all eternity!

Jesus, I think of you so gratefully! That’s my simple prayer: thank you! The gifts you have,  do, and will lavish upon me make me daily feel like a kid opening gifts on Christmas morning! How can I ever praise you enough? Ah, but I’ll keep trying!

Jesus, I hope to stay in touch with you a lot better this year! Not a bad New Year’s resolution! So, daily will I chat with and listen to you in prayer; often will I share a meal with you at the Holy Eucharist especially on Sunday; more frequently will I let you know of my sorrow in not being a more loyal and loving friend to you and your people.

That’s my Christmas card and 2020 greeting to Jesus.

My recommendation is that you do the same!

A blessed New Year!