by Maureen McKew

September 15 is the date on which the Church in the United States observes Catechetical Sunday. In many of our parishes, the pastor and members of the parish community pay tribute to the selfless men and women who give their time and talent in the parish religious education program. These generous people donate time far beyond what most people see.

Yes, they teach nearly 80 thousand Catholic children in our Archdiocese about the faith and how to live it. However, the catechists also participate in spiritual, theological and pedagogical training offered by the Catechetical Office of the Archdiocese. Whether they attend on-site classes or learn in our on-line catechist formation courses, the catechists work hard to become the best they can be in the ministry of handing on the faith. Nearly all of them are unpaid volunteers.

A friend directed me to this beautiful prayer on the website of Loyola Press. Perhaps you are a catechist or you know a catechist who would appreciate it. Loyola Press is just one of the many religious education publishers whose resources are in conformity with the protocols of the U.S. Catholic bishops. We thank all these publishers for their dedication and assistance to our catechists.