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Building a Youth Ministry

Building Parish Youth Ministry is like building a house in Latin DOMUS

DOMUS is our process of accompaniment with parishes and groups who are interested in beginning youth ministry at the local parish. Fulfilling the request of God to Solomon to build a house for him in the book of Kings- a place where He can reside with His people.

Domus; Latin for home, is about building Catholic youth ministries that do two things:

1) create with youth a home in their hearts for Christ; and

2) create with communities a spiritual home.

Our staff, through the DOMUS process will work closely with your parish/cluster to:

  • Recruit, build, and guide an effective leadership team
  • Assess your community’s needs, hopes, and gifts
  •  Create a vision and plan for long-term success
  • Mentor your team as they implement and build youth ministry programs in your community

The full DOMUS process includes:

  • Formation and accompaniment of a parish team by one of the OYMNY staff
  • Four full-day training sessions for your entire team
  • Provide ongoing resources and tools for your ministry​​​​​​​

What if we only want to use part of the process?

That is perfectly fine! DOMUS is about helping your parish with your needs. You can use the whole process or just have your team attend trainings or just use the resources! 

Why is parish youth ministry important?

  •  Adolescence is an important moment in the faith life!  “the chance of a young person continuing to practice Catholicism into emerging adulthood depends to a large extent on his or her connections to Catholicism (through relationships, practices, and identity) during adolescence.”   Smith et al., Young Catholic America, 66
  • Youth bring a vibrancy to the Church! We need their energy, enthusiasm, and creativity! Historically, young people have been sources of great passion in our Church. Think about a young Mary who said “yes!,” Timothy who proclaimed the Word, Saints Edward, Joan of Arc, and Charles Lwanga who all died for the faith!
  • Youth deserve the best we have! “You, dear young [person], have you ever felt the gaze of everlasting love upon you, a gaze that looks beyond your sins, limitations and failings, and continues to have faith in you and to look upon your life with hope?” Pope Francis​​​​​​​