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Author: Communications Office

The Rosary’s Timeless Power

By CARDINAL TIMOTHY M. DOLAN This Friday I have the […]

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Don’t Ignore God’s Grace and Mercy

By Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan Just imagine for a moment…the […]

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Parish’s Baby Boom Was Welcome Sight

By Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan A couple of weeks ago, […]

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La Iglesia (y el béisbol) Sobrevivirán

POR CARDINAL TIMOTHY M. DOLAN Sobrevivirá, una, santa, Católica y […]

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The Church (and Baseball) Will Survive

By Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan Is the one, holy, Catholic, […]

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New Sisters Offer Needed Message of Hope

By Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan In the middle of the […]

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Lessons from the Classroom of Coronavirus, No. 2

BY CARDINAL TIMOTHY DOLAN Last time, I shared with you […]

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The Classroom of COVID-19

By CARDINAL TIMOTHY DOLAN We will be chatting about it […]

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