Purpose: To invite youth to explore the topic of Love. The goal for youth will be to look through the topic of love and be able to express how God’s love is not the same as the love of items or others. Youth will be able to share their experiences of love and how they can share love with others 

5 Min: 

Opening Prayer 

10 Min: 

Introduction Video 1 –  Love

In this video we share the definition of love and ways we have seen God work in the lives of others to serve as an introduction to the topic.

5 Min: Read LK 1:26-38

5 Min: 

YouTube Video link 1- YouTube video on  Love

 Choose a video below to share with youth. Review this video with youth and discuss their first impressions.

3 Min – Love – Advent Week 4

3 Min – Advent | LOVE

10 Min:

Discussion Breakout Session

Break the group up into groups of 4 -6 and discuss the following questions:

  • What is the meaning of Love to you?
  • How have you experienced love in your life?
  • In what ways have you experienced God’s Love?
  • How can we share the Love of God with others?

5 Min: 

Large Group Discussion

Reunite the group and discuss highlights from small group conversations.

5 Min:

Closing prayer