Dr. Maria Giura, coordinator of religious education at St. Patrick’s Parish on Staten Island, recently published a memoir in verse of growing up in an Italian-American family in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, where her parents ran a successful bakery. It’s titled What My Father Taught Me, published by Bordighera Press, and it’s available from Amazon
This collection of poems creates a portrait of a young girl, whose parents struggled to balance their business obligations with their home time while trying to deal with their marriage. It is also a portrait of the poet herself as she searches for and finds herself. That’s something with which many people can identify, even they don’t come from Brooklyn, cannot claim Italian heritage or have the slightest notion what Sfogliatelle is, never mind how to make it
This is also a deeply spiritual book of verse. “May Flowers” recalls Maria’s mother, carefully gathering and arranging flowers for the Blessed Mother’s statue. “No Idea” is written to Jesus. It describes Maria’s growing awareness that He longs for her and that she is His disciple
I found this collection of poetry to be honest, loving and exquisitely written. The poems are like lace work in verse. I want to share them with everyone including you