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Parenting Leaders

Every child is a gift, created to be nurtured in the love of family life. This ministry provides information on age-appropriate behavior, normal development and family dynamics, teaching skills of non-violent discipline, communication, and conflict resolution in family relationships. The Parenting ministry supports parents in their God-given vocation by creating networks to connect with other Catholic mothers and fathers. We provide opportunities to stop, take some moments to be blessed, and draw closer to God.

Parenting Leadership Training

Education for Parenting Leadership Training teaches and motivates individuals to provide education and support to parents in their communities. This training will also benefit those people whose work or ministry relates to parents. Any persons who desire family, personal or professional enrichment are also welcome.

Generally, training includes but is not limited to:

  • How to administer Parenting programs, with materials specific to each program included: 
    1. Blessings: Expectant Parents Blessing, Blessing of Little Children, Mother’s Day Blessing, etc.
    2. Parentcare: A weekly, leader-led program for parents of children ages 0-5 (lesson plans provided)
    3. Lectio Divina for Parents: Contemplation of the Word with regard to the parents’ journey
  • What is the Education for Parenting ministry and why do we need it?
    The Education for Parenting ministry provides information on age-appropriate behavior, normal development and family dynamics, teaching skills of non-violent discipline, communication, and conflict resolution in family relationships. This ministry fosters support networks to connect with other Catholic mothers and fathers.
  • Leadership
    The Education for Parenting ministry presents programs and workshops to parents and trains leaders to provide, within their parishes, parenting skills education and spiritual support for the parental vocation of raising children who are spiritually, emotionally, socially healthy, responsible Catholics with strong faith. These efforts promote a prayerful, sacramental, healthy family life, and decrease child abuse as well.
  • Strategies for listening and speaking to children
  • Focus on early childhood, essence of adolescence, discipline as teaching
In appreciation of Parenting Leaders

Leaders are invited to a yearly Advent Reflection, a mini “day of recollection,” with a presenter, followed by a Liturgy at noon and luncheon thereafter.

Parenting Blessings

Rite for a Blessing of a Child in the Womb: This is a beautiful blessing for the woman and/or family awaiting a new life through birth or adoption. It can be easily incorporated into a Sunday Liturgy, with or without a reception following Mass. Each expectant mother receives an imposition of hands blessing and a medal. Blessing prayers, medals and rites, or suggested procedures are available from this office upon request.

Blessing of Little Children: A beautiful and simple blessing ceremony for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers, this is often done at the start of a parish Education for Parenting program, or can stand alone. Ceremony script is available upon request. 

Mother’s Day Blessing: This hour-long program starts with a beautiful service, including a hymn, psalm, blessing and discussion. A wonderful way to support and celebrate mothers in their vocation.

The Liturgy of Domestic Church Life

The Liturgy of Domestic Church Life is a new initiative, sponsored by the USCCB and developed by Dr. Gregory and Lisa Popcak, of the Peyton Family Institute. Our traditional model of offering programs to families in our parishes do not work if families are not experiencing Christ at home. How do we develop a family centered around Christ and his personhood, mercy and holiness?

  1.  The Rite of Relationship / Attachment
    • Schedule family time first
    • Practice extravagant affection and encouragement
    • Practice prompt, generous, consistent  and cheerful attention to each other’s needs
    • practice discipleship discipline
  2.  Rite of Rituals of Connection – create intentional, daily time to:
    • Work together
    • Play together
    • Talk together
    • Pray together
  3.  Rite of Reaching Out
    • Serve each other generously
    • Think of others while being a family
    • Be a Christian family in the world
    • Serving the parish/community as a family
Other Parenting Programs for leaders or participants

The following are many programs for the parenting journey. If you would like to act as leader or participant, please contact Sue DiSisto,, 646-794-3191.

  • The Strong Catholic Family Faith website has been created to assist parish and school leaders in finding the best and most relevant content and experiences for developing faith-filled Catholic families.
  • St. John Paul II gave us a wondrous view of the meaning of our existence, which is to love and be loved, made visible in our human bodies. TOBET “translates” this teaching for children, K-8; in a marriage prep program; and through seminars.
  • Teaching the Way of Love is a solid Catholic parenting program that combines the latest in parenting research with the ancient wisdom of the Catholic Church to empower moms and dads to embrace their role as primary educators of their children.
  • Leading teens closer to Christ:
  • Parent inventories help couples discover their relationship strengths as parents, as well as help identify issues that are threatening the vitality of the family that may need to be addressed.
  • The Catholic Grandparents Association is a public association of the faithful whose goal is to assist grandparents in passing on the faith to their grandchildren.
  • Raised in Faith is a Catholic, multi-media single-parent ministry for women, 9 sessions
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Sue DiSisto, Parenting and Family Life Education Specialist